Friday, March 15, 2013

Weasel of the Week: Charlie Sheen

This is not about "winning". Not even close.

Anger Management star Charlie Sheen is back in the news today, dealing with a societal problem most of us have had trouble solving-----bullying. It's his bizarre solution that caught my attention.

A wire service story making the rounds today says that Sheen was forced to pull his daughter out of a California school because she was being bullied. A 9 year old fellow student was persistently taunting and teasing young Sam (short for Samantha) Sheen, Charlie's daughter by ex-wife Denise Richards, on a number of topics, including daddy's infamous dismissal from Two And A Half Men. The girl's parents are in denial, claiming Sam has lied to her mom, who has met with school officials on three occasions.

It figures. The parents of the bully don't see anything wrong because they don't know all the facts, and stand by their "little angel"'s story. It's Charlie's reaction that has people talking, suggesting via Twitter that people should pelt the school with rotten eggs, toilet paper, and, worst of all, dog feces. Sorry, Charlie, that will only make things worse for you as well as your daughter.

Denise Richards tried to do the right thing, and talk to school officials. Predictably, it seems they have their heads in the sand on a she said-she said imbroglio that ended with Sam being pulled from the school. While I get that Charlie's trying to help his little girl, he's actually doing more harm than good, knowing there are a few misanthropic dweebs out there who'd take Sheen's "advice" at face value, which would only exacerbate the situation. For that reason, Charlie gets the Weasel ears this week. The kids are better off playing a game of To Tell The Truth, so we can all finally get the real story, but that doesn't seem likely.


magicdog said...

As someone who's "been there done that", I can empathize with Sam Sheen.

Parents of bullies never want to admit their little darling could possibibly be a trouble maker. Not to mention bullies are so good at covering their tracks.

Teachers and administrators are also frequently useless in these situations.

I don't have a problem with her father taking her out of school. The kid needs to be able to have a stable learning environment and being on edge due to a free range bully corrupts that concept. Homeschooling (perhaps with a tutor) may be the answer.

hobbyfan said...

Bullies are good at creating "little white lies" to cover their tracks, that's true, but that's only because their parents fall into the category of "see no evil, hear no evil", if you get my drift.