Thursday, May 30, 2013

On DVD: Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1939)

I've been watching the "Mr. Wong" movie series out of order. And, so, we are back to the 3rd film in the series, "Mr. Wong in Chinatown".

An Asian Princess (Lotus Long) is admitted into the home of detective James Lee Wong (Boris Karloff), but before the sleuth can take the case, his royal client-in-waiting is killed via poison dart shot from an open window. What follows is a winding case that involves forgery and other deceptions. Enterprising reporter Bobbie Logan (Marjorie Reynolds) pulls Wong from a parked cab before it blows up, which doesn't endear Bobbie to Capt. Street (Grant Withers), although it only proves that Bobbie has proved her worth.

Anyway, scope out the movie:

It's too bad Monogram didn't spin Bobbie off into her own series to cash in on the emergence of Lois Lane in the Superman comics, which had started a little while prior. Then again, Bobbie would've been used mostly for comedy instead of serious adventure.

Rating: B.

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