Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weasels of the Week: Titus Young, Wade Robson, and a few others......

We're handing out a whole stack of Weasel ears this week, as we couldn't settle on just one recipient.

*Titus Young's NFL career was cut short when he was cut by Detroit last season, and since no one else has taken a flier on him, Young now has a longer road to navigate after being arrested twice in less than 24 hours on separate charges. When this news became public the other day, it was obvious that Young had flushed his chances of making a NFL roster in 2013, perhaps ever again, down the drain with his stupidity.

*Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose hasn't played a minute, much less a nanosecond, this season, and yet he keeps trying to sell the media and the Chicago faithful on the idea that he could possibly make a miracle return during the playoffs. As I write, the Bulls are even at 1 game apiece against defending champion Miami, but a Yahoo! blogger wrote earlier this week, before the series started, that he didn't think Rose was actually planning on playing at all this season as he recovers from a torn ACL. So why the constant teases? Because Rose either doesn't want to let his fans down and cross the point of no return, or he just doesn't have enough faith in himself. He was cleared to practice a couple of months back, but hasn't suited up at all this year. This from the man who has prevented LeBron James from winning 5 straight league MVP awards (James just won his 4th earlier this week) by copping the honor in 2011. Rose's credibility is just about gone, and it's his own fault.

*A decade ago, Wade Robson hosted his own self-titled reality series on MTV, and later landed a dual gig as judge and choreographer on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. He testified at one of Michael Jackson's child molestation trials that he was never harmed by Jackson in his frequent visits to the late singer's Neverland ranch in California. However, news hit on Wednesday that Robson suddenly is backtracking and contradicting his previous, sworn testimony by claiming that, yes, Jackson did molest him.

So why the turnabout? Money, of course. The Jackson family filed a lawsuit against a concert promoter, something having to do with Jackson's personal doctor at the time, Conrad Murray, who is currently in prison himself. Robson sees that there's money to be made from this, or at least was pointed in that direction, but he runs the risk of ruining his own reputation in the music industry with this lame attempt at making himself relevant all over again.

And, then, there are the gossip editors at the New York Daily News, who seem to think that the public won't tire of Kim Kardashian, one of the most overexposed people in America. Every day, the tabloid publishes a picture of the pregnant reality show star, under the heading, "Kimsanity". I'm sorry, but all they're doing is enabling this nothing happening attention magnet, when she should be at least getting a minimum of privacy. Like, she married Brooklyn Nets star Kris Humphries, only to dump him after 2 1/2 months, then took forever and a week to reach a settlement on the divorce, while moving on to her next patsy, singer-rapper Kanye West (the baby daddy). Apparently, being a stepdaughter to Olympic hero Bruce Jenner is enough, as Kim apparently either doesn't know how to fill out a----shudder---job application, or doesn't want one. I've got three words for Kim, and this applies to the tabloids and the paparazzi who follow her around like wounded puppies. Please. Go. Away.

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