Monday, October 28, 2013

Dunce Cap Award: Kanye West & Dez Bryant

Two Dunce Caps to hand out for the week ending yesterday.

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant gets one for his sideline temper tantrum in the waning moments of Dallas' 31-30 loss to Detroit. According to Pardon The Interruption co-host Michael Wilbon, Bryant wanted to prove he was better than Detroit's Calvin Johnson. Sorry, but that wasn't happening. Johnson caught 14 passes from QB Matthew Stafford for a team record 329 yards. That Stafford pulled a Dan Marino trick with a fake spike to win the game isn't of consequence here. What is of consequence is Bryant behaving like a petulant child who didn't get his way.

Can't we just get rid of the "divas" in pro football? Divas are meant to be a feminine term, after all.

Meanwhile, rapper & tabloid magnet Kanye West has gotten himself in hot water at this desk, and it ain't for renting out a stadium to make an unnecessary spectacle out of proposing to Kim Kardashian, who should be working for a living instead of sponging off soon-to-be-ex-stepdad Bruce Jenner's fame (the sisters had a reunion with Bruce over the weekend) and anyone else more famous than she is, such as West, who has a history of doing stupid things, then tripping over himself trying to explain himself. His ego dwarfs his future wife pro tempore (because the tabloids are already claiming trouble in paradise, and, well.....), such that he felt there was no problem hiring an actor to play Jesus Christ on stage as part of his act. West is touring in support of his new CD, "Yeezus". Some people, especially in the South, might see it as blasphemy. I doubt West knows what it means. Remember, this is the same guy that crashed the party at the VMA's one year because Taylor Swift beat Beyonce for an award. Reading some of his interviews of late, I'd say the guy's crazier than a whole pack of pet raccoons. West had an earlier hit with "Jesus Walks", but I don't think he knows what it means to be humble, either. If he really follows the Bible, and had any sense, he'd give Kim one and make sure she reads from cover to cover. She might actually learn something.

Then again, I doubt that very seriously. Meanwhile, E! may be making plans to film the wedding, just like Kim's last one (to basketball player Kris Humphries, now with the Boston Celtics). That's all she knows. Nothing is private nor without a price tag. Yeah, let's give Kim a Cap, too.

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