Sunday, October 13, 2013

Musical Interlude: La Bamba (1987)

When the producers of the Ritchie Valens bio, "La Bamba", needed someone to cover the title song, still Valens' signature hit, the LA-based group Los Lobos stepped up to the plate, and, oh, did they deliver.

Star Lou Diamond Phillips joins the band at a carnival midway during the video, then, as you'll see, he straps on a guitar to sit in. These days, Phillips is making B-movies for SyFy, and hasn't had an A-list hit in forever. The video also includes movie footage and a vintage clip of Valens himself, plus cameos by Brian Setzer (as Eddie Cochran), Marshall Crenshaw (as Buddy Holly), & Howard Huntsberry (as Jackie Wilson). Too bad "La Bamba" was the only hit off the soundtrack.

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