Friday, August 29, 2014

Weasel of the Week: Josh Shaw

Steve Sarkisian returned to USC for this?

Much was made in the news earlier this week about how senior defensive back Josh Shaw supposedly had rescued his nephew by leaping off a 2nd floor balcony, injuring his ankles in the process. However, there was a bit of skepticism about what really happened, and, not surprisingly, it ended with Shaw morphing from hero to villain in a matter of seconds when it got out that he didn't really leap to the rescue, but rather, to escape after an incident involving his girlfriend.

Sarkisian had to face the press and tried to do the right thing. However, considering that Shaw was a holdover from former coach "Wisteria" Lane Kiffen's regime, well, should we be surprised at all that he wasn't totally honest? USC booted Kiffen a month into the season last year, but they should've had any returning players take lie detector tests on top of everything else once spring practice started. I saw a headline earlier that said that the USC locker room had turned on Shaw after this imbroglio, and after another player quit, alleging racism on the part of Sarkisian, which I'm not so sure has any basis, I'm not so certain USC will actually be in contention for a national championship this year.

That said, we're giving Josh Shaw the Weasel ears this week for his lack of honesty as well as sheer stupidity. Should've known that in this day of social media and excessive media intrusion, he should've considered telling the truth right off the bat.

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