Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Classic Reborn (?): The Dating Game, a la WWE (2007)

There was a time, not long ago, when WWE's Monday Night Raw would try anything to keep its audience. One example came in 2007, when the maligned creative team came up with the idea of parodying The Dating Game. Considering that Vince McMahon is just as loopy as Chuck Barris, maybe this shouldn't surprise anyone.

William Regal, at the time the GM of Raw (he now holds that same position in NXT), gets to be Jim Lange for a night. Maria Kanellis (now in TNA and married to Mike Bennett) is the contestant who has to go through Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ron Simmons to get matched with storyline beau Santino Marella.

Maria played the role of a ditz for most of her WWE run (2004-10), but now as a heel, first with Ring of Honor and now with TNA, she's gone in the opposite direction. Marella was forced into retirement and runs a school in Canada. This was just beyond silly.

Rating: B+.

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