Monday, April 4, 2016

Forgotten TV: Madame's Place (1982)

The late ventriloquist Wayland Flowers landed his big break with a guest appearance on The Andy Williams Show in the 60's, and parlayed that into a lucrative run with his puppet, Madame, a bawdy, older entertainer. After succeeding Paul Lynde as the center square on the original Hollywood Squares, Flowers & Madame began appearing on the syndicated Solid Gold, and in 1982, they were spun off into a weekday series from Gold co-producer Brad Lachman, Madame's Place, a daily syndicated sitcom.

Much like The Muppets this season, Madame's Place had a show-within-a-show, as Madame not only invited viewers into her home, but also hosted a talk show, as Flowers used his experiences from appearances with the likes of Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, and Johnny Carson to create this scenario. Judy Landers (ex-BJ & The Bear), Ty Henderson (formerly of the Saturday morning series, Space Academy), and Johnny Haymer, late of M*A*S*H, filled out the supporting cast.

In this clip, Madame is joined by Beatrice Arthur (ex-Maude), who was a few years away from returning to series television with The Golden Girls.

Sadly, we lost Wayland Flowers in 1988, and Madame has long since been retired. Never saw the show, so there's no rating.

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