Friday, January 22, 2010

Air America (2004-2010)

Air America, the radio network that was created as an answer to media demagogues such as Rush Limbaugh, discontinued original programming on Thursday, and will close down completely on January 25 after nearly 6 full years on the air.

In a press release issued Thursday, Air America owners Stephen & Mark Green stated the channel would be liquidated under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy laws. The Greens had purchased Air America, saving it from bankruptcy in 2007. Air America's on air staff has included, at various times, personalities as diverse as Rachel Maddow (now with MSNBC), rapper Chuck D (Public Enemy), Montel Williams, Jerry Springer, and Ron Reagan, Jr., son of the late President. Before leaving the network in 2007 for his Senate bid, actor-comedian Al Franken was, for all intents & purposes, the face of Air America.

With Air America fading away, political talk radio now reverts to being dominated by gasbags such as Limbaugh, whose own views have gotten him in trouble in recent months. It'll be a long time, I believe, before there is another network in the mold of Air America that can change all that.

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