Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weasel of the Week: Scott Boras

This one is a slam dunk. Boras is the most notorious sports agent in the business today, a failed minor leaguer who represents several major league clients, duping owners into overpaying time and again, just so he can line his pockets with the commissions he gets, and living vicariously through his clients' realizing the riches that he himself was denied because of a knee injury that curtailed his playing career several years ago.

Boras gets the nod because he was asking for too much money (as usual) for one of his clients, specifically outfielder Johnny Damon, who now may be finding a new place of employment, after the World Champion New York Yankees cut ties with Damon by signing free agent outfielder Randy Winn away from San Francisco for considerably less than what Boras wanted them to pay Damon across two years. To Boras, it's all good, because he'll find some other patsy (Detroit, anyone?) who'll fall for his con game. Since the Major League Baseball Players' Association won't do anything, seeing how Boras has made so many of the union membership rich beyond their wildest dreams, the owners may need to seek some sort of action to decertify Boras once and for all. The Yankees are one of the teams he's fleeced over the years (see: Brown, Kevin), and the Steinbrenner brothers, along with GM Brian Cashman, weren't letting Boras play them for fools again.

Boras ignores the fact that Damon is on the downside of his career at 35. All he sees is the 2 World Series rings (1 each with Boston and the Yanks), and a string of postseason appearances over the last several seasons. You can bet the farm that this won't be the last time Boras is named a "Weasel of the Week", because the man just doesn't get it, and probably never will.

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