Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zelda Rubenstein (1933-2010)

It would be easy to say Zelda Rubenstein was a late bloomer in Hollywood. After all, she was in her late 40's when she made her on-screen debut in "Under the Rainbow", and prior to that had worked in cartoons. However, Zelda landed her big break in "Poltergeist", and would co-star in the succeeding sequels. Zelda Rubenstein passed away earlier this week at 76, the latest in a fresh string of celebrity deaths that also included Pernell Roberts (covered last time), Jean Simmons, and character actor Johnny Seven.

Other bloggers have noted that Ms. Rubenstein avoided the alleged "Poltergeist" curse, which had previously claimed at least 4 members of the cast of the first two films, including Heather O'Rourke, who starred in the first film. Truth be told, there are no such things as curses. I stopped believing in such things long ago.

Rest in peace, Zelda. You will be missed.

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