Saturday, December 25, 2010

On video: Stamp Day for Superman (1954)

The producers of The Adventures of Superman were commissioned by the US Treasury to produce a special episode of the series, slightly shorter than usual, to promote stamp collecting. There is the usual (for this series) drama of Superman (George Reeves) rescuing Lois Lane from a robber on the lam, of course. "Stamp Day For Superman" was uploaded by Nuclearvault to YouTube:

To my knowledge, "Stamp Day For Superman" was not included with the rest of the series during its syndicated runs after production had ended.

The Goodtimes VHS copy I have also includes 8 of the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon shorts from the 40's. The last, "Secret Agent", appears to have been partially recreated, as the Paramount logo is missing at the end of the short. Also, the feature, "Superman vs. The Mole Men", which I have on a separate tape, is an unadvertised added attraction, and is missing the opening credits. "Stamp Day" is not completely perfect, either, but is intact.

Rating for the tape: B--.
"Stamp Day For Superman"---A.

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