Monday, December 27, 2010

Teena Marie (1956-2010)

She was one of the first white artists signed to Motown, and a protege of funk legend Rick James ("Super Freak"), but the first time I actually heard something by Teena Marie was after she'd left Motown for Epic. Teena (born Mary Brockert) passed away Sunday at 54, reportedly from natural causes, and the MTV generation might remember what really was her biggest hit, "Lovergirl", from 1985.

The following clip comes from the artist's VEVO channel:

I confess that I wasn't that big a fan, but to read how it was she, and not Charlene ("I've Never Been To Me") a year later, who was Motown's first white female star, was a stunner. "Lovergirl" was the only song of Teena's I'd ever heard. Now, however, she's joined Rick James, her mentor and one-time boyfriend, in Heaven's chorus. Rest in peace, Teena.

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