Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: The Hanukkah Song (1996)

While he was a regular on Remote Control, Adam Sandler would return at the end of an episode with a bass guitar to sit in with the show's musical director/keyboard player, Steve Treccase. Who'd ever think that a decade later, he'd create an enduring holiday novelty classic?

Well, he did, in 1996, when he first unleashed "The Hanukkah Song", released on the CD, "What the Hell Happened to Me?". The tune's been updated a couple of times since, but here's a clip from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment, with an intro by Norm McDonald:


magicdog said...

I always thought it was a cute song.

Have you seen the video from another Hanukkah song... "Candlelight" by the Maccabeats? That's funnier still.

hobbyfan said...

No, I'm not familiar with "Candlelight". May have to check that out.