Monday, December 26, 2011

When hamsters & soldiers boogie together (2011)

If you thought Kia's hamster mascots lip-synching to Black Sheep was wack, well, as the late Al Jolson famously put it, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Kia's latest ad campaign for the Soul premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year, and a shorter version aired during sports programming over Christmas weekend. The hamsters roll into a battle zone, and the fighting stops just so everybody can go all Wang Chung, or in this case, LMFAO, and get down with their bad selves, to the tune of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem".

As Black Sheep put it, doo dah dippity.


magicdog said...

I've been to forums in which commercials are discussed and I've rarely seen a commercial theme so polarizing!

Some people think it's ridiculous for hamsters to be driving Kias in the hood. I always thought it was funny.

But it won't get me to buy a Kia.

You do have to wonder how this campaign got started; can you imagine a bunch of ad execs trying to come up with a concept and thought, "Hey! Hamsters! Yeah, that's the ticket!!"

The original commercial was the first time I'd even heard of "Black Sheep", so I'll give them that!

hobbyfan said...

This is actually the third in the series. The first one simply set the table by showing hamsters driving cars. Then, the "Choice is Yours", and now, the "Party Rock" spot. I think the idea is that the hamsters are being used so that the little kids can find them cute and convince their folks to buy Kia cars, thinking they'll find hamsters test driving or something.