Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bob Casale (1942-2014) & Mary Grace Canfield (1924-2014)

Death has certainly been busy these days.

Actress Mary Grace Canfield, best remembered as Ralph Monroe from Green Acres, passed away earlier this week at 89. Canfield had also acted in an unsold pilot that was the first television adaptation of the long running Archie comic strip. Down in Hooterville, Ralph now joins her brother, Alf (Sid Melton) in Heaven.

Devo has lost another of its founding players. Guitarist Bob Casale left us at 61, just a few months after band-mate Alan Myers had passed on. The Ohio-based band is still better known for their provocative 1980 hit, "Whip It":

Rest in peace.


magicdog said...

Ahhh Devo!

It's like another piece of my misspent youth is disappearing! Bad enough the Ramones have all but wiped out, now this!

Whip it real good in Heaven guys!

Sorry to hear about Canfield as well. I felt bad for the character of Ralph due to being stuck with a boys' name (not that it mattered much to her!) and that she didn't have much luck in finding romance.

It's getting to be slim pickin's in Hollywood.

hobbyfan said...

When they did the reunion movie, IIRC, Ralph married her sweetheart, dimbulb Hank Kimball.