Friday, February 7, 2014

What Might've Been: I'm The Law (1953)

Here's another short-lived crime drama. This one deserved a better fate, especially considering the surprising creative pedigree.

I'm The Law bowed in the winter of 1953, and was cancelled in July of that year after 1 season. George Raft top-lined as police Lt. George Kirby, and you'd think that this would be a perfect showcase for Raft, who had forged a reputation of playing tough characters in the movies. Nuh-uh. There was already a plethora of crime dramas on the air, and Law was lost in the shuffle.

The "surprising creative pedigree" I was referring to? The show counted comedian Lou Costello and his brother Pat as co-executive producers, and Jean Yarbrough, who'd directed several episodes of The Abbott & Costello Show, also helmed the following episode, "The Cowboy & The Blind Man Story".......

Rating: A.

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