Monday, February 17, 2014

Old Time Radio: The Mysterious Traveler (1943)

I have to be honest with you, pilgrims.

I wasn't aware of The Mysterious Traveler radio show until just a few years ago. I had heard of a comic book spin-off of the series, after a sort, published by Charlton, but before that, there was a 1-shot from another publisher, released in 1948, and series creators Robert Arthur & David Kogan had launched a pulp-style magazine in the early 50's, just before the radio series ended its 9 year run.

The Mysterious Traveler rode on a train and spun his yarns of mystery & suspense from 1943-52, with Maurice Tarplin in the title role. In print, at least in the Charlton series, there was a physical form created to go along with the radio character, though Charlton's version, reportedly, had no actual ties to the series. One of the most popular episodes in the series was "Behind the Locked Door", about two prospectors lost in the dark. Following is a 1951 rebroadcast, which was included on a Radio Spirits compilation that I have.

Rating: B-.

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