Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Modern Classic (maybe): Nash Bridges (1996)

Don Johnson tried to recreate the magic of Miami Vice, albeit with a change of scenery, in Nash Bridges, which began as a spring replacement series in 1996, and hung around until 2001. Pretty much the same amount of time as Vice. Same night, different network (CBS), different locale (San Francisco), and a new partner (Cheech Marin).

Johnson was also one of the executive producers, which may explain why this seemed so much like a west coast clone of Vice. One big difference. Bridges was twice divorced with a teenage daughter (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), while Sonny Crockett was single. Marin played Joe Dominguez, a retired inspector called back into duty by Bridges, an old friend.

Much like Miami Vice, Nash Bridges' casting choices bordered on the pop culture tip. In season 4, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joined the show as ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter Jake Cage. To think they were planning a spin-off before Austin was injured in the ring.........!

Here's the season 1 intro:

After a cable run on USA, the series has faded from view. Here's to hoping someone picks it up, even if some of the material's already dated.

Rating: B.

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