Friday, May 15, 2015

Sports this 'n' that

It's funny how things work in high school baseball.

3 days after beating Troy High in a non-league game, Shenendehowa got zonked by Suburban Council rival Saratoga. Troy, meanwhile, took out their frustrations on cross-town foe Catholic Central in the first half of a home & home series, then got shut out by unbeaten Saratoga Catholic, on Senior Day, before the regular season finale vs. Catholic Central, the result of which hasn't been made public yet, due to the feeble futility of certain personnel at either Troy or CCHS to report the result to the local press. We know Shen will be a top seed in the sectionals, which begin next week. Troy, a Class A school playing an independent schedule, went 6-8 vs. Class AA schools such as Shen, CBA, Shaker, Albany, & Schenectady, sweeping the latter two while getting swept in turn by CBA. Overall, not including Wednesday's game at CCHS, Troy was 8-11 on the season.

Meanwhile, in the bigs, both New York teams are feeling the pinch. The usual injury curse associated with Citi Field has bit the Mets hard----again. Reliever Buddy Carlyle is the latest to go down, right before the Mets were swept by the Cubs at Wrigley Field for the 2nd straight season. The Cubs, like the Mets, want to make a run for the post-season this year, which is why they hired Joe Maddon away from Tampa Bay. The Rays? They merely won 3 of 4 from the Yankees at home. They'll be fine after a slow start. Alex Rodriguez is among the league leaders in homers with 9, but still has a ways to catch Seattle's Nelson Cruz, and both have to be wary of skeptics who might think they didn't learn anything from getting busted for PED's.

For New Yorkers, though, there is some hope. The Rangers advanced to the Eastern Conference finals in the NHL again, this time hosting Tampa Bay. Say this for the Blueshirts. James Dolan may own the team, but he leaves them alone. Why? He knows even less about hockey than he does basketball.

Expect Isaiah Thomas' bid for co-ownership of the WNBA's Liberty to be challenged, then denied, due to his past legal issues. If we're lucky, the WNBA will ask a judge to find Dolan guilty by reason of insanity for his complicity in this wacky scheme, and have him sell the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, et al, to someone who really understands New York sports.

We all expected Crybaby Brady to appeal his 4-game suspension for his complicity in "Deflate-gate". What we didn't expect, though, was to have his agent, the previously anonymous Don (I Don't Hear) Yee, do what his client does best, whine and complain.

Edit, 6/23/17: The video inserted in this space was removed from use in the US by its uploader to YouTube.

Yee gets a set of Weasel ears for trying to spin this into a conspiracy concocted by the NFL against Brady and the New England Patriots. Owner Bob Kraft also gets a set for threatening to file a lawsuit against the league, as if he wants to be the new Al Davis. The whining from these guys makes the usually dialogue-challenged Bill Belichick look like a Nobel Prize winner by comparison. Kraft made his threats after claiming he wouldn't challenge the ruling that was handed down 9 days ago. Yee whined that a neutral arbitrator should hear Crybaby's case. Instead, embattled commissioner Roger Goodell, perhaps tired of being labeled as an unofficial consigliore to Kraft, will hear the case. If the crybabies win, it'll be because Kraft came along with 2 cases of Velveeta, 1 case of Miracle Whip, and Brady, ever the loyal soldier, would throw in some autographed underwear from his wife, Gisele.

Roughly translated, Yee really has nothing to worry about. Or does he? You decide.

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