Saturday, May 23, 2015

Here there be Weasels

We have three sets of Weasel ears to hand out.

We'll start in New York for the first two sets. I'm sure by now you've seen the headlines reporting that Dominique Sharpton, daughter of political activist/rabblerouser/talk show host Rev. Al Sharpton, filed suit against the City of New York for a purported ankle injury, then turned around and posted pictures on her Instagram account of a recent hiking trip, proving that she wasn't as injured as she claims, and that she took a page from daddy's old playbook, making a grab for money and publicity. As if she needs the former. Now, the City is fighting back, according to today's papers. Their lawyers want to make sure Ms. Sharpton doesn't delete any of the pictures that have already been mass-published. As it is, she's already torpedoed her case with those pictures. So, for that, we'll throw in a Dunce Cap Award.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas, Sr. still thinks he did nothing wrong when he was nailed with a sexual harassment suit a few years back that led to his ouster from the Knicks. Now that his patron, the mentally challenged James Dolan, brought him back to run the WNBA's Liberty, Thomas isn't exactly going out of his way to make mea culpas. He wants to return to the NBA, and the tabloid press wasted no time in assuming the worst, that if the Knicks get off to another bad start next season, coach Derek Fisher and/or president Phil Jackson would be out the door in favor of guess who.

I'd rather reserve a room in Bellevue for Dolan, right next to that other brain-dead executive, Vince McMahon, but that's just me. Dolan & Thomas, who've already gotten Dunce Caps, want you to forget what happened 8 years ago. The press, on the other hand, will make sure the fans remember. That Thomas is trying to spin his way out of it to look like a hero gets him a set of Weasel ears instead, to go along with his Cap.

Finally, there's the story of Josh Duggar, who copped to some sexual misadventures, including some of the pseudo-incestuous kind toward his sisters as a teen, prompting TLC to cancel the Duggar family's 19 Kids & Counting on Friday. Didn't Duggar pay attention when 7th Heaven reruns were pulled due to star Stephen Collins' indiscretions earlier this year? Or the ongoing imbroglio involving Bill Cosby that forced his iconic 80's series off syndication in some areas? They say confession is good for the soul. Duggar's confession had the hyper-sensitive suits at TLC and their corporate parent reaching for the axe for his show. Like Dominique Sharpton, Josh gets both the Weasel ears and a Dunce Cap.
Those of you in the home district who read The Record will find a letter to the editor from ye scribe in today's editions, commenting on the remarks made by former Mayoral candidate Carmella Mantello, who has, since the letter was written nearly 2 weeks ago, opted to make a run at a return to the Troy City Council, where she first gained political fame in these parts several years back. The letter should've appeared before today, online or in print, but the editorial armadillos ran wire service pieces in the letters section the last couple of days, and the timing of the letter's publication couldn't be worse. It makes me look bad. Then again, some wire service articles appear in the paper a day after they appear in competing papers. I have to talk to my brother and see if they let blind mice edit the editorial section this week..........

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