Thursday, February 4, 2016

Advertising For Dummies: "High-voiced" Peyton Manning? Don't believe it (2015)

When DirecTV rebooted a supposedly popular advertising campaign by replacing actor Rob Lowe with NFL players, I felt they'd jumped the shark.

Back at the start of the season, I posted Eli Manning's "Bad Comedian" ad, which wasn't too bad, but older brother Peyton, who might just be playing his last game in Super Bowl 50 Sunday night, reminds us yet again that when it comes to commercials, he's too naive to say no to stupid human tricks.

Peyton made two ads. One has a "skinny legs" version, thanks to computer trickery, but this one, where he has a high voice, sounds like the only chicanery going on might've been dubbing a female voice in for "high voiced" Peyton. Judge for yourselves, kids.

Well, Foghorn Leghorn might be proud that Peyton tried to cover "Camptown Races", but if Manning does retire, the next place we'll likely see him is in a television studio as an analyst. ESPN's got an opening for Sunday NFL Countdown after jettisoning Keyshawn Johnson last week. It's either that or hosting a revival of Empty-V's Say What Karaoke.

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