Friday, February 12, 2016

Here there be Weasels (& a Dunce)

If you thought the controversy surrounding the 2014 Little League World Series had died down, think again.

The parents of the Jackie Robinson West LL All-Stars who had their US title stripped from them due to boundary issues have chosen to file a lawsuit against not only Little League International (good luck winning that case), but also ESPN pot-stirrer/beef jerky salesman Stephen (Screamin') A. Smith, and the opposing coach who blew the whistle in the first place.

It is the very definition of frivolous, and it flies in the midst of other racial controversies of a more tragic stripe, with an assortment of cases of police officers shooting unarmed African Americans from Albany to Cleveland to Ferguson, Missouri. I don't know who the legal Weasel is who convinced the parents to take a fool's gambit on a lawsuit, but those parents are also getting Weasel ears for listening to the ambulance chaser's bad advice. Case closed.
Mets GM Sandy Alderson decided to re-sign troubled relief pitcher Jenrry Mejia during this off-season, knowing that Mejia still has to serve out a suspension for PED use.

Unfortunately, it seems Mejia is baseball's current answer to Johnny Manchild, last week's Weasel, because it just came across the wires that Mejia has short-circuited his career by testing positive for PED's for the third time in a year, and now has been banished by Major League Baseball. He can apply for reinstatement in 2018, but I doubt the Mets would take him back this time.

Stop and think about this for a second. Three positive PED tests in a single year. What was Mejia thinking? Apparently, he wasn't. Well, there's only one way to best describe this week's Dunce Cap winner.....

Consider that Mejia pitched in a handful of games between his first two suspensions last season, and the Mets have found a more reliable closer in Jeurys Familia.
It should surprise absolutely no one that we have some repeat offenders, too.

Trouble magnet Kanye West is in trouble again for leading with his mouth.

West revisited his 2009 VMA incident with Taylor Swift on a track on his new CD, then had the lack of brains to claim that T-Swizzle signed off on the name-check. No, she didn't, say her reps and friends. Especially, since West dropped the b-word in reference to Ms. Swift in the lyrics. Wife Kim Kardashian needs to do the right thing for once, find the drugs that her Weasel of a husband is taking on the side, and flush them down the nearest toilet, then send him off to rehab.
Finally, WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon gets another set of Weasel ears, plus a tail, for overreacting to an otherwise innocent act at the end of Monday Night Raw.

For those who missed it, the actual footage has since been edited by WWE to remove the supposedly "offensive" incident, in which wrestler Titus O'Neil grabbed the 70 year old chairman by the arm. McMahon shoved O'Neil away and seemed to enjoy it, then turned around and suspended O'Neil the next day for 60 days for what he perceived to be unprofessional conduct. O'Neil says that he was only trying to ensure that Vince's daughter, Stephanie, left the arena ahead of her father, following a code of conduct. He might've gone about it the wrong way, but it's another sign that the elder McMahon, long derided in this space for being out of touch, has to step aside. He's gotten so thin-skinned in recent years that the phrase, "walking on eggshells", seems to be very real in WWE around him. O'Neil was trying to be a perfect gentleman, and look what it gets him. I shan't be surprised if before the end of the year the former Florida Gator is shown the door and signs elsewhere. And it will be Vince's fault for being insensitive at the wrong time.

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