Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weasel of the Week: Kanye West

Last week, he had to share the dubious honor. This week, repeat offender Kanye West is a Weasel unto himself.

Where do we begin this time? How about the fact that West refused to attend Monday's Grammy Awards because he wasn't----get this---promised Album of the Year, which went to----wait for it---Taylor Swift. Like, was he expecting the record industry to rig the voting just for him?

It's official, as if it wasn't already. He's lost his mind.

On top of this, West is also crying poverty, claiming he's $53 million in debt. Curiously, that's the net earnings of his wife, reality show starlet and otherwise unwilling to actually work for a living Kim Kardashian in 2015 alone. We get it. West is addicted to attention. I'd say he's addicted to something else, too, but it can't yet be proven.

There are suckers starting a GoFundMe page for West, who says he needs the money to fund "ideas". Here's an idea, Kanye, though I doubt very seriously you'd even pay attention. Get off the freaking bong or whatever it is you're taking, and start taking some real stock in your life. Not just your career, but your life. You're trying to bring down T-Swizzle because you're jealous that 1) she's a better singer and songwriter than you and 2) she's 100 times hotter than Kim is. Sorry, bubbelah, but that is, all by itself, an epic fail.

We're not going to waste the dunce caps on the idiots starting those GoFundMe pages in support of West. The United Negro College Fund was right. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and West wasted his.

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