Thursday, December 1, 2016

Forgotten TV: The Adventures of Mark & Brian (1991)

Looking back, I'd think NBC was trying to siphon off some of MTV's audience with the short-lived Adventures of Mark & Brian, which began on Mondays in 1991, but ended up getting bumped to Thursdays, then Sundays, before being cancelled.

Mark Thompson & Brian Phelps were morning radio DJ's in California who had a popular show, such that producer Don Mischer, better known for his work on the Grammy Awards and other like specials, convinced them to bring their act to television. In a way, this was NBC's answer to Colin Quinn's Manly World (previously reviewed), which lasted half a year in 1990, with a side order of Kevin Seal: Sporting Fool, which likewise bombed.

In this episode, which presumably comes from when the series had moved off the Monday lineup, the guys return to their old high school to work out with the football team, acknowledging that when they played, the team was a flop.

Y'think maybe that these fellas were the inspiration for Full House's Jesse & Joey (John Stamos & Dave Coulier) becoming radio DJ's near the end of that series' run?

No rating. Never saw the show.

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