Monday, December 26, 2016

Musical Interlude: Careless Whisper (1984)

First off, hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas.

In the music industry, however, they're in mourning.

George Michael, 1/2 of Wham! in the early 80's before going solo, passed away over the weekend at 53. While Wham!, his partnership with Andrew Ridgely, didn't last very long, Michael soldiered on as a solo act, but as people's musical tastes began to change in the 90's, Michael's star began to dim.

"Careless Whisper", off Wham!'s 1984 album, "Make It Big", hit #1 both in the UK and the US, the latter in February 1985, and the video, of course, got heavy airplay on MTV. Co-written by Michael & Ridgely, it's actually Michael's first solo single. His first solo CD, "Faith", would appear 3 years later. I'm sure, however, that it would come as quite the shock to many of his female fans to discover that while Michael played the part of a playboy in the following video, and played it well, it would later come out he was working the other side of the street, having come out as gay a few years later after a brush with the law, as memory serves.

Here's "Careless Whisper":

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