Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Countdown to Christmas: Malice in the Palace (1949)

The Three Stooges are Middle Eastern restaurant owners in 1949's "Malice in the Palace". A pair of customers plan a robbery of King Rootintootin, but another thief, the Emir of Shmo, has beaten them to the king's precious diamond. So, Moe, Shemp, & Larry decide to retrieve the diamond for a handsome reward.

So why does this fit into our Countdown to Christmas? Watch and see.


7 years later, there was a remake, except that Shemp had passed on in the interim, and studio player Joe Palma acted as a stand-in for new scenes shot to fit with stock footage taken from the original.

Rating: A-.


Hal Horn said...

Hot dog, when it comes to cookin' I'm the cat's meow!

Trivia: Curly was supposed to play the role of the chef originally, but he had another medical setback and was unable to perform so the lines were given to Larry, who did his usual fine job. This would have been Curly's second appearance after being forced to leave the act after his 1947 stroke ( the snoring cameo in HOLD THAT LION was the first). Sadly, he was never healthy enough to make another one

hobbyfan said...

I've seen stills with Curly that subsequently reached the cutting room floor. It's just sad that Curly and Shemp were both taken too soon.