Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weasel of the Week: Kim Kardashian West

Nearly three years after New York artist Hannah Kunkle depicted her as the Virgin Mary, among other things, Kim Kardashian West is shopping some items similarly depicting her in the same role.

Fittingly, the New York Post, which broke the Kunkle story, also reports in today's editions about the reality star incurring the wrath of the Catholic League for exploiting the imagery of the Virgin Mary for profit on her website. She must've liked the attention Kunkle gave her so much, she must've bought the paintings, and used them as inspiration for this latest act of blasphemy. Curiously, the Post hasn't yet made the most obvious of connections.

It only goes to prove that being around a head case like Kanye West will kill your brain cells. Mrs. West picks up her 2nd Weasel of the Week award as a result of this shameless disrespect. Get a real job to support the kiddo's, why don't ya?

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