Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art is snow fun---sometimes

I have to admit I found this amusing. The New York Daily News reports in today's editions (available online at that a family in New Jersey was forced to find clothing for a headless, topless snow-woman designed in the mold of the famous Venus de Milo statue after police received a complaint from an anonymous outside party. Heeding the warnings of the police, Maria Conneran and her brother, Jack Shearing, put a bra and a sarong on their creation until the snow-woman melted away.

Now, if someone had a legitimate objection to the snow-woman as it was being built, don't you think that person could've gone to the kids personally to voice his/her concerns? As usual, the nothing-happening, party-pooping prude(s) opted to call the cops rather than do the diplomatic thing. A friendly warning would've diffused a potentially embarassing situation without incident.

Children are taught to respect their elders. How can they if certain of those elders don't have any respect for them and lack the courage to actually talk to them?

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