Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Common sense finally emerges!

2 years ago, he made history as the first African-American to hold the office of Governor of the state of New York, and was the first legally blind man to do so as well. Today, David Paterson is in the same position as his predecessor, Eliot Spitzer, at the center of a political firestorm that ultimately has cost him any hope of a full term in the November general election.

At the end of last week, Paterson announced that he would not run, leaving the field wide open for current Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, to make a run for Governor himself. The only name the GOP has in response is Rick Lazio, who had the smack laid down on him by Hilary Clinton in a run for Senate 4 years ago. If that wasn't enough of an embarassment, then Lazio may be looking for a rock to crawl under if in fact he loses out to the younger Cuomo. Either that, or he can apply for a talk radio job out of state.

Meanwhile, Paterson will serve out the term begun by Spitzer (himself a former Attorney General) with a sword of Damocles of his own hanging over his head having to do with an assistant's indiscretions.

The latest carpetbagger to call New York home, Harold Ford (formerly of Tennessee), decided on Monday that he would not challenge Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in a primary. Apparently, some higher-ranking suits in the Democratic party convinced Ford that discretion might be the better part of valor at this juncture, considering that Ford came across as a bounty hunter who's barely settled in before making noises about running for public office.

Well, it saves the newspapers plenty of humorous headlines making puns of Ford's name.

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