Monday, March 29, 2010

Dick Giordano (1932-2010)

Comics fans are in mourning over the passing of former DC, Marvel, & Charlton comics artist and editor (with DC) Dick Giordano on Saturday at 77.

While I obtained most of the information from Diversions of the Groovy Kind, the initial alert came from a pen-pal of mine in Long Island who sent me an e-mail. Unfortunately, this poor soul didn't get the name right, and said it was someone named Don Genaro. You see, the pen pal has a learning disability, but that's another story for another time.

Back to Giordano for a moment. Dick began his career at Charlton in the 60's, where he oversaw the development of their "Action Hero" line, which included Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, & the Question. Giordano came to DC initially in 1968, working on a number of books including Batman, Witching Hour, and Wonder Woman. Giordano left in the early 70's in a dispute over editorial opportunities, and went to Marvel, where he drew the Sons of the Tiger feature in the Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu magazine. Giordano returned to DC as managing editor and artist in the 80's, inking the vast majority of covers. Giordano also authored a monthly editorial page, "Meanwhile....", which became DC's answer to Marvel's Bullpen Bulletins page, and signed off with the gentle tag line, "Thank you and good afternoon", which was very classy.

Thank you, Dick, for the wonderful memories. You will be missed.

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