Friday, September 27, 2013

A collection of Weasels & Dunces

Time to hand out a bunch of Weasel ears & Dunce Caps. Some people may be getting both.

One such person is James Dolan, owner of the NY Knicks, Rangers, Madison Square Garden, & Cablevision. On Thursday, Dolan dismissed Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, and replaced him with Steve Mills, who begins his 2nd tour of duty with the Knicks. If I'm coach Mike Woodson, I have reason to worry now. Mills is the same man who hired former Detroit star Isaiah Thomas as coach & GM a number of years ago, and that ended in disgrace over a sexual harrassment scandal. Thomas still hasn't proven he can coach, if a disastrous run at Florida International is any indication. However, because he's become close buds with the insecure Dolan, the NBA's answer to the late George Steinbrenner as far as NY is concerned, Thomas has to be on speed dial in case the Knicks get off to an extra slow start that costs Woodson his job.

Why a Dunce Cap? Because Dolan is on the brink of repeating a business mistake and doesn't care. He gets another set of Weasel ears because of his reputation as a poor judge of talent.

Moving to the Bronx, we find that Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, set to become a free agent, is reportedly asking for more than $300 million over a 10 year period on his next contract. Cano dismissed Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras as his agent earlier this year, and signed with the firm run by Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z. Carter gave up his interest in the Brooklyn Nets not long ago, but why would he have his firm follow the Boras Method of fleecing owners? Lord only knows. Cano's getting a Dunce Cap for even making such a ridiculous demand that will drive him away from the Yankees, who actually need him next year. He was the only one in their starting infield who actually played a full season, and this was on top of leading the Dominican Republic to the World Baseball Classic championship. I'd like to know who in Jay-Z's camp is feeding him bad advice, so we can send him a set of Weasel ears for being a fool.

Closer to home, arrests are being made in the vandalism of former NFL lineman Brian Holloway's home in Stephentown last month. Six "ringleaders", as the Albany Times-Union describes them in today's edition, have been charged, and police are still calling for the rest of the kids to come forward as it will mean lighter sentences, like probation topped with community service. Some of the partygoers have already done their part in the healing process, cleaning up the mess they made, but what's left is the motive behind this. Who felt Holloway, who spends his summers in Stephentown, and the rest of the year in Florida, was deserving of this kind of mindless treatment. The ringleaders are getting the Weasel ears for perpetrating this heinous act of foolishness.

Back to NYC  we go, and to the sports editors of the New York Post, we send a truckload of Weasel ears for insinuating that the Mets should've put it in the tank this week to better their chances of getting a high draft pick next year.All the Amazin's did was take 2 of 3 from playoff-bound Cincinnati and dismiss the Post's ideas as nothing more than idle gossip that found its way into print when it shouldn't have. That being said, those editors are also getting Dunce Caps.

Finally, entertainment mogul Eric Bischoff still has his hands in the water in TNA, albeit behind the scenes, at least for the moment. While his son Garett is wrestling, Eric is a producer, and likely also head scribbler. His current storyline, involving TNA president Dixie Carter and AJ Styles, one of the company's top stars, mirrors what WWE is doing these days with Triple H and Daniel Bryan. That speaks to desperation on the part of TNA, which is unable to move the meter as far as ratings go. Bad enough that the HHH-Bryan angle on WWE-TV has seen a drop in ratings this week, but the amateur night copycat is DOA. Bischoff gets the Weasel ears for even green-lighting this bad idea. And, yeah, he gets a Dunce Cap, too.


magicdog said...

Re: Brian Holloway:

I think the entire event was a disgrace! Holloway was far nicer about it than I would have been - he gave 400 morons the opportunity to fess up and fix their mistake by helping clean the mess they made. Instead only 4 kids showed up (no doubt their parents have some sanity left) , while the parents of the other rats go into protective mode. They threatened Holloway with a lawsuit for outing their kids! Of course they outed themselves on social media, so that's not a concern, but the fact that they thought nothing of what their little darlings did to someone else's property speaks volumes. I'm glad some arrests have been made and I hpe to see more.

Have you heard that one of the ringleaders of this party was a kid Holloway once took into his own home? Yup - little ingrate!!

When the arrests were made, it was discovered there was another party in the works - one for about 4000 kids!

hobbyfan said...

I've heard about that one dweeb. How does he reward Holloway for doing him a solid? By trashing his home, probably ten sheets to the wind at that.

As for the parents who threatened to sue Holloway, they're just as stupid for enabling their children's foolishness.