Sunday, September 29, 2013

Only in the South: Two boys are expelled from school for playing with a toy gun-----at home

This is just plain ridiculous.

A school board in Virginia decided earlier this week to suspend a pair of boys for playing with an airsoft gun. I'm assuming it's a toy gun, but the issue here is the boys were playing with the gun at home, which, the last I checked, is outside the jurisdiction of the school board.

The paranoia over guns, whether they're toys or the real thing, hasn't abated, 9 months after the incident in Newtown. This particular case comes a little more than a week after a mentally disabled man shot up the Washington Navy Yard. The school board, as usual, won't acknowledge who was on the disciplinary board that not only suspended the students, but extended it into a full expulsion for the season, pending what amounts to a glorified "parole" hearing in January. From an article in the Daily Caller comes this statement from the school board:

“This is not an example of a public educator overreaching. This was not zero tolerance at all. This was a measured response to a threat to student safety.”

Not overreaching? I beg to differ. If they were playing on school grounds, I would say they might have a case, but this was off campus, and at home, which rightfully would be a safe haven as long as there's parental supervision.

And if you think that's bad, try the case of another seventh grader, this one in Rhode Island, who was hit with a 3 day ban and barred from participating in a class field trip, all because of a tiny, harmless, gun-shaped keychain that fell out of his pocket. The kid won the keychain at a video arcade, but after he loses the chain, another kid picks it up and shows it off to other students like an idiot. Educators see the chain, and hit the panic button. Of course the parents of the boy who owned the chain are upset, and rightfully so.

The biggest fools are the educators and administrators who are overreacting, contrary to the denials issued in Virginia. They're making it very hard for these kids to actually be kids. What they want is for the kids to grow up before they're ready. Pretty soon, they'll be asking the same question that Michael Jackson posed in one of his songs 20-odd years ago:

"Have you seen my childhood?"


magicdog said...

“This is not an example of a public educator overreaching. This was not zero tolerance at all. This was a measured response to a threat to student safety.”

And... 2 + 2 = 5.

This is stupid and the direct result of zero tolerance/political correctness. This incident and those similar ones across the country are examples of bueaucrats trying to condition children to fear guns and authority. While guns are not toys, I can show you plenty of examples of kids not much older than these boys who were very well experienced in using firearms safely. In fact, in NYC (especially in Brooklyn and The Bronx) it wasn't uncommon for middle school age students to belong to gun clubs at school and keep their .22 rifles in their locker!

The weapons in question for the Virginia incident indeed was not a real gun- but a harmless toy. I hope the families sue the butt off the district - then homeschool their sons for their own good.

As for the RI boy, it's ridiculous to think a keychain gun is a threat to anyone! I hope his parents sue too!!

hobbyfan said...

The silliness will never end until the government finally 1) muzzles Wayne LaPierre and the NRA and stops kowtowing to the NRA, and 2) stops traumatizing the kids.

magicdog said...

Sorry but this isn't the fault of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre or other 2nd amendment advocates. This is the fault of anti - American, progressive, psychotic bureaucrats.

hobbyfan said...

Ok, so we can still put a stop to the traumatizing of today's youth. Let's get these brainless administrators to open their eyes and recognize toys for what they are.

The next thing ya know, they'll ban GI Joe, Transformers, et al and go back to whining about how they're glorified informercials because some characters have weapons.......