Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Might've Been: The Rogues (1964)

Charles Boyer & David Niven were two of the owners of Four Star Productions, along with Dick Powell. The three actors alternated appearing on Four Star Playhouse, but Niven & Boyer would have one more series together.

The Rogues came from the pens of creators Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts. Their vision entailed a family of retired con artists who now used their skills to outwit other criminals. If this sounds familiar, well, this Robin Hood mentality would be used again, this time with a single protagonist, on It Takes a Thief 4 years later, and its star, Robert Wagner, would trod that ground again in Switch. We've reviewed those two shows before, so now let's take a look at The Rogues, which, despite a talented ensemble cast, lasted one season.

My first memory was seeing syndicated reruns of the series airing on one of the local channels in the 70's, even though it didn't have enough episodes to justify syndication by today's standards. The series was last seen airing overnight weekends on Me-TV.

Here's the open:

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

The premise isn't too far off from the TNT series, "Leverage" either.

I'd never seen the series though I did hear of it.

hobbyfan said...

Hmm, the things ya learn. I guess Leverage & White Collar are branches of the same creative tree.

It bothered me that Me-TV had Rogues on overnights to accomodate the DVR types. Why couldn't they run it at an earlier time? Idiots.