Sunday, September 7, 2014

Celebrity Rock: Johnny Angel (1962)

Shelley Fabares is better known for her acting (i.e. Coach, The Donna Reed Show) than her singing. But she does have a #1 hit on her resume, just the same.

"Johnny Angel" hit the top of the charts in 1962, during season 4 of The Donna Reed Show, from whence we get this choice clip of Shelley, in character as Mary Stone, performing the song:


magicdog said...

I remember an interview in which Shelly stated she was never a singer and told the producers that she couldn't possibly record a song. She said the recording engineers did all the dirty work and made the song the classic it is today! She was told to read the song one line at a time. Then the producers and engineers worked their magic. The song is essentially a long line read!

Still fun to listen to, which is a feather in the caps of the music makers!

hobbyfan said...

Today, they wouldn't be able to get away with it.

magicdog said...

Of course they do!

Autotune anyone?

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, but anyone can figure out who's using Autotune.