Sunday, September 14, 2014

So when does State Farm start sponsoring Saturday Night Live? (2014)

Someone at the ad agency producing State Farm's ad campaign must be a big time fan of Saturday Night Live.

Last year, it was the Bears' "Superfans" (Robert Smigel & George Wendt). On opening night of the NFL season, we saw Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers take abuse from Hans & Franz (Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon). Now comes this piece of fluff, in which an agent brings a pair of clients into the office, but who's that guy at the corner desk?

The name plate reads "Richard Lamer", aka the "Richmeister" (Rob Schneider), whom we thought would be a more likely candidate to do one of those Ace Hardware spots. Just what we don't need. The creepy guy from the copy center. And I do mean creepy.

All this proves is that Schneider, whose movie career stalled, can't count on being buds with Adam Sandler forever in order to get steady work.


magicdog said...

I appreciate seeing some of these SNL characters from the past. If anything it shows how poor the current roster is!

Loved seeing "The Richmeister" getting flummoxed by the unborn girl's last name!

hobbyfan said...

Since I never saw the original skits, and only heard of them from friends, the only picture I had was that Rich had no life away from work. Certainly shows here.

magicdog said...

"Richmeister" was always "that guy" from the office (or college) who thought they were cool and distinct by doing word play of some sort. They tried to show how casual they were by "nicknaming" everyone.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, el lame-o.