Monday, September 1, 2014

On The Air: Let's Ask America (2012)

Most of the country hasn't seen the latest twist on a survey-driven game show. Luckily, GSN is doing something about it.

Let's Ask America allows contestants to play the game from the comfort of home, aided by a weblink between them and the studio. Kevin Pereira hosted the first two seasons, but apparently, Scripps and WB/Telepictures wanted a change, so ex-MTV personality Bill Bellamy, late of Mr. Box Office, will take over when season 3 begins next week. GSN has the reruns from the first two seasons currently running, with back-to-back episodes weekdays at noon (ET).

If it wasn't for GSN, you & I wouldn't even know this show exists, as it airs mostly in the midwest and selected southern and western states. No northeastern affiliates. Man, doesn't that suck?

Here's a sample episode:

Bellamy's got a tough act to follow. Rating: A.

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