Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weasels of the Week: Ohio ice bucket pranksters

I don't think anyone should be surprised that some heartless soul would take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and subvert it to play a prank on someone.

Last month, a group of teens in suburban Cleveland tricked an autistic 15 year old into taking what he thought was a legit ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, only to dump a bucket filled with urine, spit, feces, and, according to one account, cigarette butts, onto the youth, who'd stripped down to his skivvies. This wasn't for a good cause. This was an absurd means of bullying the young man.

Subsequently, Cleveland native Drew Carey (The Price Is Right) offered to put up $10,000 toward the apprehension of the pranksters. On Sunday, actor-singer Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods, New Kids on the Block) and his new bride, Jenny McCarthy, late of The View, each added an additional $10,000. McCarthy has an autistic son of her own, so she understood what this kid was going through. Earlier today, it was reported that police had identified the punks, but have not made the ID's public as yet, suggesting that the bullies were either the same age as the victim, or at least a year older. It's been reported, also, that these kids could be brought up on assault charges. If that's going to be the case, then they should be tried as adults. No juvenile court for these guys. They need to deal with the fact that not only did they bring shame and humiliation on an unsuspecting autistic boy, but their own families, who must wonder what motivates these kids to pull stupid stunts like this on special needs kids.

That all having been said, the pranksters get the Weasel ears this week, and they certainly deserve them.


magicdog said...

I've heard this story and am thoroughly disgusted!!

Honestly, I'm a bit surprised something like this occurred, since it seems like something out of the classic horror film, "Carrie". As someone who wasn't Miss Popular in school as a teen, I have trouble believing people have this much time on their hands and malice in their hearts to do this to someone. I've heard from others that much of the bullying drama we see in shows like "Glee" or films like "Carrie" and "Mean Girls" (among others) takes too much time and trouble to carry out.

Throwing urine and feces at people is general behavior one sees in prisons; inmates typically throw it at the COs.

One of the commenters from a website carrying the story says he lives in the area of Ohio where this occurred and says most of the teens there are spoiled brats and isn't surprised that this happened.

The only reason no one is releasing the names publically is because strangers from across the country would make a special trip to Ohio to lynch this bunch! I hope they do!

hobbyfan said...

Actually, I've read that the punks are also minors, hence no IDs being made public. Screw that. Try them as adults. Let's see them deal with that.