Friday, November 28, 2014

Moron TV: Now [adult swim] is parodying infomercials------badly (2014)

Normally, I'd reserve anything connected to [adult swim], Cartoon Network's loopier "sister network", for Saturday Morning Archives, but since the following isn't animated, we'll cover it here, and give it the lambasting it deserves.

These days, [adult swim] has resorted to making mock infomercials to fill time. As if the real ones weren't enough of a blight on our society as it is. Unfortunately, the parodies are even worse. Take In Search of Miracle Man, for example. It's one of two mockfomercials that tweak the viewers with religious sensibilities (ye scribe included). Like, it's clear that this "Miracle Man" is meant to be a parody of Jesus.

I tried watching this On Demand, and bailed a couple of minutes in. Try watching this, and you'll see why......

There's also something about a "Book of Christ", which Jesus Himself supposedly wrote. I'm sorry, jabronies, but leave the comedy writing to people who actually know how to write.

Rating: F.

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