Sunday, October 18, 2015

Creepy TV: Blade (2006)

After three movies, David S. Goyer felt it was time to move Marvel Comics' Blade to television. Showtime had the first option, which included bringing back Wesley Snipes, who played the vampire hunter in all three movies. However, Snipes was involved in litigation against New Line Cinema, which produced the movies and the subsequent series. Showtime passed.

Corporate step-sister Spike TV moved in and picked up the project, which hit the air in the summer of 2006. Snipes was gone, replaced by rapper Kirk Jones, aka Sticky Fingaz. Spike placed Blade on Wednesdays at 10 (ET), which had been a trouble spot for the network for years, even when it was still TNN.

Unfortunately, money became the issue that caused the show's demise. Blade was Spike TV's 1st original, scripted, live-action series, and lasted just 3 months. I never watched the show, so there's no rating. We'll leave you with the trailer:

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