Monday, October 12, 2015

What Might've Been: Cleopatra 2525 (2000)

After exploring the mythic eras in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys & Xena: Warrior Princess, producer Robert Tapert decided to move to the far future with his next project, Cleopatra 2525.

I will freely state that I never saw the show. The show was buried locally, airing in late night on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings. That said, let's move on. Cleopatra 2525 was coupled with Bruce Campbell's Jack of All Trades for its first season (the two series bowed in January 2000), both as half-hour series, but when Trades was cancelled halfway through season 2, Cleopatra was expanded to an hour for the remainder of its run.

The plot? A 20th century girl is placed in suspended animation, and wakes up in the dystopian 26th century, where robots rule as tyrants. For someone like me who never saw it, the best way to describe Cleopatra, based on that brief synopsis, is it's Buck Rogers crossed with Charlie's Angels. The reason it aired in late night here? The local NBC affiliate held the rights, and couldn't air it in the afternoon due to sports commitments and/or the need to air infomercials, which somehow make more money than even scripted syndicated programming. Go figure.

Following is the intro. Co-star Gina Torres sings the theme song, which is a sort-of cover of Zager & Evans' 1969 hit, "In The Year 2525", albeit with new lyrics reflecting the series.

No rating.

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