Sunday, October 4, 2015

Forgotten TV: A. K. A. Pablo (1984)

The 70's saw a resurgence in prominent roles for African Americans. It also saw the first sitcoms built around Hispanic Americans. NBC's Chico & The Man, with the late Freddie Prinze, was a hit. Popi, with Hector Elizondo, was a flop.

8 years after Popi, Elizondo returned, this time in a supporting role, in Norman Lear's A. K. A. Pablo, which was built around then-up-&-coming Hispanic-American comic Paul Rodriguez. Unfortunately, like Popi, Pablo was a ratings failure, and lasted barely a month in the spring of 1984.

Joe Santos (ex-The Rockford Files) and a pre-Saved by the Bell Mario Lopez co-starred. Never saw the show, so there's no rating. We'll leave you with the open, supplied by Gilmore Box.

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