Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some Weasels are repeat offenders just because.........

If you've ever wondered why some people have been designated as Weasel of the Week over and over again, well, they don't know enough to stay out of trouble, do they now?

Take for example ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. While I think we're all in agreement Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman doesn't deserve to have Smith sharing space with him in those idiotic Oberto Beef Jerky ads (we're in season 2 of this gimmick of Smith being the voice in the pit of Sherman's tummy), Smith's even more nauseating in his natural environment on ESPN's First Take. Consider his remarks on Monday's broadcast, where he warned Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant not to make an enemy out of him, just because Durant objected to Smith's claims that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in signing Durant as a free agent after the coming season.

Now, no journalist worth his salt would divulge the sources from whence he gets his information, and Smith admitted he didn't talk to Durant or any of the player's "inner circle". His sources, then, are probably the voices in his head, making up nonsense as they go along. Howard Cosell would be embarrassed to have ever met Smith, who talks like the late lawyer-turned-sportscaster did, but with 10 times more bombast and imbecility.

What gets Smith another set of Weasel ears, plus a tail, is the fact he's using his status on ESPN, shaky though that is, to try to pass off his rumors as gospel. And the network ain't doing anything to refute him or offer a disclaimer ("The views expressed by Stephen A. Smith do not reflect those of ESPN, the Walt Disney Company, etc.") before he is put in front of the camera 5 mornings a week. We know he can't carry a talk show by himself, as ESPN tried him there and he bombed.
And, then, there is the cult known as Westboro Baptist Church. They know their 15 minutes have run out, but they don't care. The Phelps family just won't go away gently into that good night, because when have they really had a good night?

They tried picketing a Kansas City high school, just because the school's Homecoming Queen is a transgendered teen. The students wanted no part of the Topeka Turds, so they had a counter-protest, and sent the Phelps clan back across the border with their tails between their legs. Well, at least we could wish they would finally get a clue, but, nope.

Now comes word that the Phelps flock plans to picket, of all places, the National Weather Service, on Thursday. As usual, they're tying this to their anti-gay hate speech agenda. The continued ignorance of New Testament doctrines in favor of the Old Testament has turned Westboro into a joke in the wake of founding wackjob Fred Phelps' passing. We gave Steve Drain a Dunce Cap not too long ago because he didn't understand why someone would actually offer condolences and compassion after Fred Phelps passed on. However, Marge Phelps, who should be disbarred as a lawyer because of her abuse of priveleges, among other things, just won't give up the fight, even though it is a losing battle.

If they really want something to talk about, let's see what happens if a plane passes over them, dropping a crate of Gideon New Testaments. While the Apostle Paul railed against homosexuality, the theme of the New Testament has largely been how God loves everyone. Another option would be for the Phelps clan to pick 5 family members to embarrass themselves on Family Feud. Current host Steve Harvey would have a field day with them. It's either that, or Harvey could guest-host TBN's Praise the Lord and debate these Weasels for 2 hours.......!
Finally, time to hand out some fresh Weasel ears, and it's to the know-nothings in New York City railing against Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia.

As mentioned yesterday, Sabathia has elected to sit out the post-season and enter rehab for alcohol addiction. While ye scribe applauds Sabathia's self-less decision to clean up his personal life, putting his career on hold in the process, talk radio listeners, which NY Daily News media columnist Bob Raissman refers to as the "Valley of the Stupid", lived up to that monicker by going on the air and on Twitter to falsely accuse Sabathia of the exact opposite, being selfish.

The truth is, and former Met & Yankee star Darryl Strawberry was quick to make note of this in today's Daily News, Sabathia is doing the right thing here, setting his career aside in order to better his personal life, knowing that his issues had a damaging effect on him on the mound this season. With one season remaining on his current Yankee contract, Sabathia feels he owes it to himself, his family, friends, and the team, as well as its rabid, spoiled fan base, to get cleaned up, and put his demons behind him. Those that complain about him don't understand, don't want to understand, and will further vilify him if the Yanks lose to Houston tonight. What they should be doing is praying for him, not hating on him.

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