Friday, January 8, 2016

Classic TV: The 20th/21st Century (1957)

Back in the day, CBS News contributed more programming to their entertainment siblings than they do now.

For example, the news division had a hand in the documentary series, The 20th Century, later rechristened, The 21st Century. In all, the program ran for 13 years (1957-70), with anchorman Walter Cronkite as host-narrator. The story is that the title change, effected in 1967, was because the show's writers had run out of topics, and decided to look toward the then-distant future.

"At Home: 2001" offers a viewpoint of the perception of life in the 21st century, far more serious than Tex Avery's satirical cartoons of the 50's.

I cannot say for certain what the scheduling pattern was. I do remember seeing an episode or two on a Sunday afternoon, filling time after football.

Rating: A.

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