Monday, January 4, 2016

Old Time Radio: The Adventures of Philip Marlowe (1947)

Raymond Chandler's most famous creation, detective Philip Marlowe, has been brought to life in movies (played by actors as diverse as Dick Powell and Robert Mitchum), and on television and radio.

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe initially aired on NBC Radio in 1947, with film star Van Heflin in the title role. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after a short run. A year later, CBS picked up the series, and recast the lead with Gerald Mohr, who might be better known to television audiences as a part-time announcer on Sky King and The Lone Ranger, as well as having acted in films such as "The Angry Red Planet". Mohr's run lasted 3 years (1948-51), and, given the show's popularity, could've gone longer.

Even though New Year's Eve has come & gone, let's go back to New Year's Eve of 1949 and "The House That Jacqueline Built":

Cartoon fans will recognize Mohr's voice as that of Reed Richards of The Fantastic Four and DC's Green Lantern, both in 1967. The cast also includes some other familiar names, including Parley Baer and Howard McNear, both of whom would later appear on The Andy Griffith Show, and actor-turned-director Lawrence Dobkin.

Rating: A.

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