Thursday, January 21, 2016

Musical Interlude: Renegades (2015)

Most of you are familiar with the song, "Renegades", from those Jeep commercials.

The band behind "Renegades", X Ambassadors, hail from Ithaca, and the following video salutes a different kind of renegade. It's a celebration of disabled athletes learning to overcome their disabilities, be it blindness (like band member Casey Harris), or being without hands and/or feet.

Fittingly, in the home district, an annual telethon for the Albany-based Center for Disability Services is right around the corner. Originally a telethon for Cerebral Palsy, the scope has expanded over the last 30 years. If we're lucky, maybe X Ambassadors will be added to the card......!


Spuddie said...

Ah man, that song is so annoying in the truck commercial (and used recently on the Flash).

Now I know that it a tribute to people persevering through disability, I feel a little guilty and have to give them some respect. The song is still annoying, but from what you said, the group are good people.

hobbyfan said...

I didn't find it annoying, but discovering the video gave me a fresh perspective, as it does for everyone else.