Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Advertising For Dummies: Beer requires "man law"? (2006)

What was Miller Brewing thinking when they commissioned the "Man Law" series of ads for their Lite beer in 2006?

What Miller did was recruit an array of talent including actors Eddie Griffin and Burt Reynolds, rodeo star Ty Murray, former Pittsbuirgh Steelers star Jerome Bettis, coaching icon Jimmy Jonnson (Fox NFL Sunday), and the WWE's Triple H. Ironically, the "Cerebral Assassin", who only appears in 2 of the spots in the following compilation, is reportedly more of a teetotaler, and was probably brought in because "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (What?) wasn't available. Austin, as memory serves, was off shooting the movie, "The Condemned".

Besides, how much you wanna bet that everyone has forgotten "Man Law" after 10 years, anyway?

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