Monday, June 27, 2016

What Might've Been: American Dreams (2002)

Once we entered the 21st century, you'd think Hollywood would simply move forward on the nostalgia front, and begin to celebrate the 80's. Ah, but there was still some interest in earlier generations, too.

Perhaps the most curious thing about American Dreams, which lasted 3 seasons on NBC (2002-5) was that the show was equal parts a family drama and a homage to an iconic music series that aired on another network, that, of course, being American Bandstand. Dick Clark served as co-executive producer for Dreams with actor-turned-producer Jonathan Prince (ex-Throb). Remember, too, that Clark had done Bloopers & Practical Jokes for NBC in the 80's (co-produced with Johnny Carson's company), in addition to Bandstand and The $10,000-100,000 Pyramid (CBS, ABC), and was well respected in Hollywood.

Digressing. Dreams was set during the 60's, during a time when Bandstand was still based in Philadelphia, before moving to Los Angeles, centered on a teenager yearning to get on Bandstand as a dancer. I never saw the show, so there's not going to be a rating.

We'll leave you with a clip from the show, built around a Bandstand appearance by Marvin Gaye (Usher Raymond), who performs "Can I Get A Witness". Paul D. Roberts appears on camera as Clark, but you can clearly tell a classic Clark intro was dubbed over.

So why was Dreams cancelled after 3 seasons? Declining ratings, of course, and there aren't enough episodes, amazingly, to warrant a syndicated run.

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