Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Feud done celebrity style (2008-present)

Later this month, Celebrity Family Feud and current Feud host Steve Harvey return to ABC for another summer season. However, while the Feud franchise marks 40 years next month, the current Celebrity variant was first launched on NBC in 2008 as an outlet for Today Show weatherman Al Roker. Perhaps the success Roker enjoyed, though NBC decided not to bring it back, led to Harvey taking over the regular, syndicated Feud a couple of years later.

ABC, though, chose to use Feud as the anchor for a Sunday night game show revival block that will have Match Game, emceed by actor and former Capital One shill Alec Baldwin in his first series since Knots Landing, and the return of the $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan. Well, at least one of these shows will be sponsored by Metamucil.

Anyway, let's scope a 2008 Celebrity Family Feud:

And, let's follow up with one from last year with Steve Harvey:

Of course, the original Feud, hosted by Richard Dawson, was augumented with some periodic All-Star specials, which we'll look in a couple of weeks.

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