Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ABC Fall preview, 50 years ago (1966)

We conclude our 50th anniversary fall preview series with ABC's lineup, hosted by Batman & Robin (Adam West & Burt Ward). Like NBC's Two in a Cab, the Dynamic Duo are asked to determine which of ABC's freshman entries was left out of a tape provided to Commissioner Gordon for safekeeping. Dick Tufeld (Lost in Space), the announcer for Hollywood Palace, narrates the bulk of the show, while Michael Rye, the voice of CBS' The Lone Ranger, is heard during a promo for the ABC Sunday Night Movie.

We've previously covered most of the freshman class, including Milton Berle's short-lived comeback series. Berle would encounter the Caped Crusaders twice in the 3rd season of Batman as Louie The Lilac, perhaps the result of his cameo here.

Wild Country was rechristened The Monroes, and Men Against Evil was retitled The Felony Squad, both shows produced by 20th Century Fox.

We'll be watching for the following:

ABC Studio '67
The Rounders
The Monroes

Rating: B--. Not even close to being on a par with a regular episode of Batman.

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